Sunday, December 28, 2008

Recycling at it best

I hate my father who taught me the tricks of the trade
With two kids and a wife and a dog was how I was paid
So I recycled the wife for someone to keep
Alas no came so I buried her deep
Now I’m not one to bear grudges
Well, not for awhile
You got to admit I do things in style
My kids are now all grown and all have left home
But now I’m haunted by all the things that I've done
And the ghost of my wife who now annoys me for fun
So it would have been best If I’d not laid her to rest
Now I strongly believe divorce would have been best
So if you’re thinking about getting rid of you’re wife
Don’t do what I did
It could ruin your life.
Now this is a tale of a love that did fail
But just in case you are tempted like me
There are much better ways to set yourself free.
Recycle its just better fun

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